Cycle table of Thailand

cycle table

A table summary of 3,700km around Thailand with distances, times and accommodation.


Day 73 Naorn Sri Tammarat to Ranot. Not wet


Very very flat. 408 then left onto 4013 to Pak Phanang, Hua Sai (77km) and Ranot. Mostly followed the coast closely. A stretch of about 35km without much food or water possibilities. Tippawan GH in Ranot (350B) is az good deal with nice garden and lake for mosquitoes.

I noticed the Wat outside my window was not completed. Perhaps the monks gave the money to the poor instead.

Had to stop at the famous Wat Phra  Mahathat on the way out of town which looked better in the day light but not much. The wat is the largest in Southern Thailand. Founded by Queen Hem Chala over a thousand years ago. What does a queen become when reincarnated? A king? Her spirit looks after the town so not sure how she could be reincarnated. The gold spire weighs several 100kg but no one has weighted it.

After spending half the night  on the internet trying to understand the various reasons for a   slipping chain I decided to take advantage of the dry weather and cleaned the gears and chain with a screw driver and solved the problem. Perhaps I should put it on utube.

With straight flat roads averaged over 20km per hr. with little effort. Forecast is thunderstorms until July but only a little drizzle today until 7pm when it poured. More and more jilbabs and  mosques. Strange seeing women due to conditioning, desire to conform or religious belief and covering up in contrast to Thais who are very free. For example a boy in kindergarten may show his sexual orientation and play with the girls. No pressure on him to conform. An Afghan friend of mine went with his wife to study in Japan. She then stopped wearing the jilbab.

Now lot of goats also. From what I understand God asked Abraham to kill his son Issac as a test and t the last moment told him to kill and eat a goat instead and Muslims have eaten goats ever since.

Thought I was cleaver having a guest house next to a nice looking restaurant which of course closed at 6pm so had to walk 2 km in rain to find food in a bar where the girls all wanted to tell me they loved me and stir fried veg cost three times the usual.



my place


Tippawen GH and mosquito pond



shrimp fishing



Wat Phra Mahathat


the queen and her brother





a couple of peregrine falcons would sort those out




seems like Shiva starting the Ganges



no rain and fixed the bike





can never have enough Buddhas




Image Image




cold cure




Day 72 Sichon to Nakorn Sri Thammarat. Rain


Flat 401 road all the way with places for food and water. Racer would be more effective on these roads in central and south Thailand.

Woke late due to phone alarm not working. Wanted to stay the day but the pile driver dissuaded me. I wanted to decide over breakfast which facilitated the decision. A kathoey (lady boy) walked up with the menu with an excessive swing of the hips and said,’ where you froom’. ‘Fried rice with pork’ I replied not in the mood to be chatted up before breakfast. He swung off and sat with the cook for a while and she then wandered off towards the kitchen. She returned after 10 minutes with a piece of meat in each hand asking staff to smell it. I left.


More mosques, jilbabs (head covering) and Malay faces as I go south.

I stopped at a 7/11 to demonstrate how to eat 4 choc bars in 2 min while dripping all over the floor. Then came a Tesco Lotus where I stocked up with porridge. As I walked in covered in mud, dripping with squelching shoes land saw a girl cleaning the floor. I smiled at the situation but she did not see the humour. I had lunch and wondered at the lack anything that was real in the store except the food that was once alive and some of the customers who seemed to be vaguely living.

Thai Hotel, Nakorn Sri Thammart 350B for fan room is good hotel with staff who let one put ones bike in the hotel office. No town looks good in the rain and this one is no exception. I found chicken soup to help my cold and went back through a dripping town.

it didn't play. just opened up and let it all fall

it didn’t play. just opened up and let it all fall

IMG_1203 IMG_1204 IMG_1206 IMG_1207

now seeing a lot of mosques.

now seeing a lot of mosques.


monks in was opposite my hotel

view from hotel window

view from hotel window

IMG_1211 IMG_1212




Day 67 Prachuap Khiri Khan to between Bang Saphan Yai and Bang Saphan Noi



This was not planned. I planned to have a nice bungalow on the beach and to take a late afternoon swim not sit in a resort besides the motorway and listen to trucks passing.


119km/8hrs. Flat but some small ups that made it interesting. Highway a duel carriage way rather than motorway and tree shaded for lot fo the way. Also managed to get on the coast road and then lost it again. More on that later.


Day started well with a visit to the Ao Manao air force beach just south of town (not 6km as LP says). Take a bike as best beach is a few km past the check point. I signed in but then left at the south exit which did not seem to be manned. I doubt they will bother looking for me. Good beach, food, drink and accommodation available. Then found myself on the coast road for the first time and kept on it most of the way. Quiet, often close to beach and tree lined. Bit further is an aquarium which I didn’t visit.


Tip: dont park your bike on a red ant nest.


Saw a wat on a hill so to remind myself what it was like climbing a hill I visited it. A Disney array of turrets and spires with all the glitz but still impressive.


Lot of resorts on the beach road but more the western idea of resort rather than the simple places I have stayed in. These are plush with lots of style. Took a few dead ends but only lost a few km. Was happily on the coast road until Bang Saphan where I stopped for noodles and water. Always better to arrive fed and watered especially if the accommodation has a dog. Makes one more peaceful. I must have taken a wrong turning out of Saphan, on the way to some nice beach accommodation, because I ended up on the main highway again. Not so many resorts now. Nearly stopped at one resort but fumbling in my pocket for a stone, peddling hard and growling at an attacking dog made it impossible. Eventually found one as it was getting dark. Basic room with AC for 400B take it or leave it. I tried to ride down the wrong way on the hard shoulder but trucks coming straight at me and a pack of dogs changed my mind. But the owner had an old frozen packet of fried rice and no beer. It was horrible. The sink has a dranage hole at the side (see photo) so one can wash ones feet at the same time as ones hands.


Tip: don’t wear shoes when washing ones feet.


Not the way I intended to end the day but it was the most interesting days riding for a while.

beach near Phecuap Khiri Khan

beach near Phecuap Khiri Khan


fishing village in contrast to the resorts. Real holiday resorts


happy cyclist on beautiful beach road unaware he was going to get lost


fishing boats


Buddhist Disney land


bigger fishing boats.


railway station

IMG_1127 IMG_1128 IMG_1129 IMG_1131 IMG_1132 IMG_1145 IMG_1146 IMG_1139 IMG_1140 IMG_1159 IMG_1160 IMG_1161 IMG_1162 IMG_1163

you can wash your feet as you wash your hands

you can wash your feet as you wash your hands


resort some where on highway south


Day 64 Hua Hin

Needed to write a job application so strayed but internet down most of the day.

Aussie in my GH told me, ‘I am thinking of going to NE Thailand as it is still supposed to be poor and that means easier to get a girl. That’s what I usually do.’

Bought gel cycling gloves. Didn’t want to spend the money but the $1.5 gardening gloves were not giving me padding and my right hand has lost some sensitivity and is weak.

Coffee in second hand book shop reading about Australian drug smugglers suffering in Thailand jail. Buying rats to eat to keep alive and beating of prisoners to death by guards.

IMG_1083 IMG_1084

drying squid

drying squid


tourist and new girl friend

tourist and new girl friend

railway station. olderst in Thailand

railway station. olderst in Thailand

IMG_1090 IMG_1094

painting the station.

painting the station.

motorbike taxis

motorbike taxis


Hua Hin is an international destination

Hua Hin is an international destination


Day 62 Auytthaya to Phetchaburi by train


Muslims heading k south after a bit of a pilgrimage to Bkk. Lads away from families for few days.


Auyatthaya river. Forget the name

Auyatthaya station


Carriage on train to BKK.


usual slums besides railway track


more slums


even more slums


and more


and more again


monkeys in Phetchaburi

when a hotel wardrobe has no hangers it says something about the hotel and guests. How about this one?

when a hotel wardrobe has no hangers it says something about the hotel and guests. How about this one?

Station staff were great. guarded my bike in Auyatthaya when i went for breakfast. First 3rd class carriage was fine (2hrs). Not much time in Bangkok to get the next train to Phetchaburi (4hrs) was cramped with Muslims returning 22 hours home after an event in Bangkok in 3rd class. I could have rung out my clothes before the train started. They speak Thai, Malay an own dialect of Malay which is faster and they cut the words. I chatted in Malay. They said that most people were not interested in independence or joining Malaysia but just wanted peace which is what I find is usually the case. They said there is some intimidation by the security forces especially of male youth but not too much and it was safe for me to cycle through the area. I will check further but it would be interesting.

Kao Wang Hotel in Phetchaburi (350B with AC, TV and bathroom) is best of the bunch and opposite the night market and has a pleasant cheap restaurant 3 min to the right. The others were with fan and rough.

One of the main problems in this leg of the trip will be avoiding the motorway and sticking to small roads. I had a look at the motorway tonight and looks horrible.

At this stage of the trip (2,483km) things are beginning to break or wear out. One pair of trousers is beyond repair leaving me with only one pair and shorts for cycling, the carrying handle of a pannier broke, a small bag is falling to pieces, and my sandals have holes in the soles.

Day 60 Ayutthaya

Good sleep and back recovering and no allergy. Bit tired after the catching up in a bar with Pedro last night.

Everyone seems to speak English here. On the tourist trail.

Toured some wats and palaces by bike and got attacked by three dogs with another few ready to join in. I stopped to photograph a small quaint house and heard barking. Thinking it was just the usual I am doing my duty bark I cycled slowly off and then three dogs charged after me. I hadn’t got time to out run them so stopped to face them but in my haste to get off before they reached me I got my leg tangled in the handle bars and was hopping on on leg shouting at the dogs and remembering not fo fall. My aggression to them slowed them up. When disentangled I put the bike between me and them and threw stones at them. An old lady had come out of the quaint house and didn’t seem to think it was much of a big deal and just signaled for me to move on. Why the hell can’t people take responsibility for their bloody animals. Most should be killed.

Most people like the familiar. Ricky has taught English in Autthaya for 10 years (wonder if the students know they are learning Cockney English) and loves it here. ‘A nice little town’ he said. It’s a shitty, shabby, badly lit, boring provincial town plagued by vicious dogs. ‘Town’s a bit quiet’ I suggested. ‘Yes, but they had a good band next door last night’. ‘Is there much else at night except these three bars in this street?; ‘No, that’s about it but it is good meeting with other teachers here’ he replied. He and the other teachers seemed happy with this.

Now a lot of wat, chedi and monuments to great egos

undressing an enormous Buddha

undressing an enormous Buddha

IMG_1004 IMG_1005 IMG_1006

putting gold leaf on a Buddha. Don't think Buddha would approve

putting gold leaf on a Buddha. Don’t think Buddha would approve

monk blessing food and shopping items bought from the wat

monk blessing food and shopping items bought from the wat

IMG_1011 IMG_1014 IMG_1015 IMG_1016

unfortunate name

unfortunate name


birds are caught and sold to people who gain merit by releasing them. Not catching then in the first place seems more meritable.


tour guide teaches tourist how to shake out a stick which has a number and indicates fortune. Inevitably good fortune. Guide wants a tip!

IMG_1018 IMG_1020 IMG_1021 IMG_1024 IMG_1028 IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_1034 IMG_1035 IMG_1037