Cycle table of Thailand

cycle table

A table summary of 3,700km around Thailand with distances, times and accommodation.


3 thoughts on “Cycle table of Thailand

  1. I just read through the entire trip and it sounds like you had a frickin’ wonderful time. I haven’t biked in something like 10 years, but used to ride centuries back in the U.S. at the time. I’ve recently been bitten once more by the biking bug and since I’m living in Thailand your adventures are relevant. Thanks for taking the time to record them. We are in Bangkok now, but will be moving to Mae Sot in about 9 months and I feel like biking will be a good release for my boredom….plus I haven’t seen nearly enough of Thailand in the 3 years we’ve been here. I need to get a bike and get myself back in shape, but you have certainly inspired me. At 47 years old it won’t be easy I’m sure, but the experiences will be well worth the effort. Thanks again for recording your trip and hope that you get to do more like this.

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