Day 71 Surat Thani to Sichon


Heavy cold and didn’t sleep well with AC that only knew freezing or off. I turned it off and woke in a pool of sweat. So not too keen to leave but couldn’t stay in that room. Heavy rain delayed departure but the hotel has a Chinese restaurant downstairs so got breakfast. Asked way to Sichon but people in restaurant did not seem interested and others kept trying to direct to direct me to one of the tourist islands. That’s why people come to Surat Thani. Rain stopped but was only fooling as usual and started again 15 min after I left and continued all day. Dirty water from road sprayed up on me from back and front. Guess that’s why they invented mudguards.

Getting more Muslim. Mosque across river in Surat Thani, jilbabs (head coverings) and Muslim restaurants with Islamic script and large photos of Mecca.

Expected expensive resorts in Sichon but Prasarnsarok Resort gave an old bungalow for 400B rather than the others for 1,600 and above. Beautiful crescent beach and friendly staff. Went for swim and am now listening to a tubby grey haired westerner playing a guitar on the beach for himself as the sun sets. Could be worse.


bike looking wet and miserable


old bungalow at Prasarnsorak resort


beach from Prasarnsorok resort


Prasaransorok resort


tubby westerner playing guitar well at dusk

IMG_1193 IMG_1199 IMG_1200


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